A perfect end

The weather hadn’t been kind to us in Rio when we started our trip, nor initially when we returned. So it was a relief to wake up on our last morning to mostly blue skies and plenty of sunshine. We started with some relaxation on Copacabana beach (45 minutes is about my limit for lying on a beach, I left Val to enjoy another hour cooking herself). Then, by metro, bus and funicular, we got ourselves to Corcovado (we wouldn’t have had the confidence to try and work out the public transport ourselves two months ago, but now we are old hands at it…). Whereas on our first day, it was just a sea of cloud beneath us and Cristo Redentor; on our last day it was Rio in all its glory, great views in all directions.

After a brief return to the hotel to shower and pack we headed for Sugarloaf . The hill projects out into the bay giving fabulous views back over Rio. Again, we’d seen almost nothing from Sugarloaf on our first day, and had no idea just how much we’d missed out on. And it was one of the best sunsets I’ve seen. There was some cloud cover by then, but we could see the sun would dip below it before setting, and when it did, the clouds were illuminated spectacularly. From Sugarloaf, you can see that Christ the Redeemer is watching over the city from the highest hilltop in the area. And when the sun had set, the lights of Rio and the illumination of the statue give a different but equally beautiful view.

Our taxi driver arrived early, so was waiting for us when we got back to the hotel. Strangely, he insisted on taking us to the wrong terminal! He knew we were flying BA, and I was sure I’d seen a sign as we arrived saying BA were in terminal one, but he went to two. I queried this, he double checked the paperwork with our flight number and was insistent he was in the right place, but we weren’t. Fortunately, there’s a walkway between the two, it just wasted 10 minutes (and we had loads of time to spare).

As we took off I got one last view of the bay and the city. The Lonely Planet described it as “undoubtedly the most beautiful city in the world”, and I wouldn’t argue.

The flight left at midnight, and we’re home safely now.

Thank you for following our travels, we had a truly fantastic time.

Us on Copacabana beach!

Us on Copacabana beach!



Sunset over Rio. A perfect way to end our adventure!

Sunset over Rio. A perfect way to end our adventure!


2 thoughts on “A perfect end

  1. Nathalie says:

    Good to know you are home. What a fabulous trip

  2. david bassett says:

    Got into comments at last! Thanks for the coffee and preview of pics. Glad you had a great time. Love David.

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