69 of our 70 nights gone! 35 hotels,  including a boat (and one or two others not really worthy of the word hotel). 17 flights, I think, with tomorrow`s flight at five to midnight to go.

It wasn`t quite as miserable as the forecast for the day had suggested, but it`s been cloudy all day, and rained some of the time too. We decided to head to the Maracana stadium for a look around, it`ll be hosting the world cup final next year (no I don`t think England will be there, but I`d be happy to be wrong…). We got the hang of the metro, and we got to the stadium at 11.45, but all tours were fully booked until 3pm. That gave us a chance to go a couple of stops back down the line, and explore the city centre, pop into a couple of churches. One of them had seen two coronations of Portuguese kings – their royal Family had moved to Brazil when Portugal was invaded by the French.

I really enjoyed the tour. I sat in the VIP seats, we visited the press area, and the changing rooms. We walked out through the players tunnel, they told us we weren`t allowed to walk on the hallowed turf – yeah right, I made sure I did! It`s actually the Brazilian cup final tomorrow (second leg), which is probably why there were some deafening sound tests going on – every time our guide tried to speak, she was drowned out.

We`ve just had an excellent dinner near our hotel, a brazilian BBQ, they keep bring succulent cuts of meat (and fish) to the table and cutting us pieces. The trick is to learn to say no sometimes! Plus a spendid buffet including such things as parma ham, asparagus, and oysters. We ate as much as we possibly could.

Forecast for tomorrow is a bit better, but still has scattered thunderstorms. Fingers crossed for a nice last day…




Sue Barker has better posture!

Sue Barker has better posture!


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