Wet, wet, wet


We’ve come back from Ilha Grande ( pronounced eel-ah gran-gee). It was supposed be my chance to chill in the sun after a busy trip! More chill than sun!

The main activities are beaches and walking. We did do both of those, but in the gloom!  There are no cars on the island.

People  kept telling us how beautiful the island  is ….. Trouble is she shouldn’t wear grey…… Just not her colour!!

Our journey back began in drizzle but the  rain got heavier and heavier. Greg and  I were sitting facing the weather  and  held on because wrapped in a plastic at least our bottoms  were dry. But the water did a Heineken and seeped through, so we moved to the other side of the boat. So had everyone else, which wasn’t  good for the boat’s equilibrium and we were asked to spread out!

It was so misty when we reached shore, the “driver” couldn’t see the way to the pier!

Off  the boat  and  a 10 minute wait (in the rain of course!)  for the connecting minibus!

The minibus was full and soon steamed up with it’s cargo of sodden people.

I was sitting next to the driver  and his windscreen fan wasn’t working. He had to keep wiping his bit of screen, but he didn’t clear my bit….. I was just driving into the  grey as he zipped in and out of lanes , passing buses and trucks.

When I asked about my lack of seat belt he shrugged his shoulders, shook his head, smiled and said ¨ You have good driver!¨ to which I replied ¨but he can´t see!¨.

Anyway we got here OK. We empted our soaked cases and the contents are now strewn around the warm drying!

Another memory  made!


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