Ilha Grande

What a difference a day makes!

 A series of thunderstorms rolled in after our jeep trip, and the next day dawned cloudy and cooler, down from about 30 degrees to 19. We were transferring to Ilha Grande, which was maybe 3 hours in a minibus, followed by 15 minutes in a zodiac boat. There weren`t enough seats on the boat – we took the ones at the front rather than stand, but it was raining hard by then and it was driving into our faces as we made the crossing, could barely open my eyes and we were soaked even with cagoules on. Then it turned out to be a fair walk to our pousada (there are no roads or cars on the island). Fortunately one of the boat guys offered to help Val with her luggage as we`d never have made it (or found it) otherwise. I was carrying my suitcase on my head at one stage, it was all either beach or narrow alleys.

Today we`ve done a trip by boat to Lopez Mendez beach, rated the second most beautiful beach in all Brazil. Not today it wasn`t! Barely saw the sun, and we had light rain a couple of times. We saw some tiny little monkeys – don`t know what they´re called (but I think it`s the one you see in the Pirates of the Caribbean films). It was a nice trip in spite of the weather, but makes us realise we were pretty lucky in Parati. The forecast for tomorrow is very wet.

The pousada is nice enough. It has aircon. No luxuries such as furniture – just a bed, somewhere to put the cases, and a coat stand. Haven`t seen bedside tables for a while now! Internet is poor here on the island, can take 20 minutes to load a page at the pousada, hence we are at an internet cafe at the moment.

There`s a cafe round the corner with a feeder for the humming birds. I never tire of watching them, we had dinner a couple of metres from them yesterday, they fly inches from you sometimes!


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