Don’t cry for me…

because I’ve had a lovely day in Argentina! (Buenos Aires)

Our first sortie was to the Anglican cathedral for an English/Spanish communion service.They were a bit low on English speakers so asked me to read the lesson (not a great number of Spanish speakers either!)

Next stop was the Casa Rosada, the government building. They do governing the country in the week and guided tours at week-ends!  We were allowed on the balcony, whence Eva Peron addressed the people. (Marradona showed off the World Cup there too!). I had Evita songs going through my head, I refrained from singing to the tour group. Very restrained.

We took a taxi to La Recoleta, where we visited the cemetery! It’s almost like a village as the tombs are like small houses. We saw the Duarte one, where Evita is buried

We’re staying in San Telmo and they have a large market here on Sundays. Lots of streets are closed. There were people dancing tango in the square.

We’re off to Rio tomorrow and hope to meet up with some friends from Dorking!


Greg's got the hang of the ice-cream thing, Mum!

Greg’s got the hang of the ice-cream thing, Mum!

Tango in the street

Tango in the street

Casa Rosada

Casa Rosada

The Duarte mausoleum

The Duarte mausoleum


2 thoughts on “Don’t cry for me…

  1. David Bassett says:

    I assume you’re in Buenos Aires now!

  2. David Bassett says:

    You must be spending a long time in Rio, then.

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