Time to chill

I’d booked 3 nights in a hotel near Bariloche from the UK, but we’ve got here a couple of days early. We’re staying in town for these extra couple of nights, and got a good discount for a late booking at a nice hotel right in the heart of town. It’s a chance to relax, our main objective for today is simply to eat chocolate! Bariloche is famous for its chocolate (thanks to some Swiss immigrants a long time ago), and the place is just full of chocolate shops, some the size of a department store! Mamuschka is reputed to be the best, we went this morning. You grab a numbered ticket when you go in, and wander round looking at the chocolates until your number comes up, then chose a box size and get the assistant to fill it with your choice of chocolates. So many to chose from! Needless to say, they are indeed delicious.

It’s blowing a gale here (which is what we’ve got used to over the last ten days anyway). But as usual, the sun is still shining. Down by the lakeside (where the hotel is), it’s hard to stand, but a road or two back in town it’s OK. The weather made for a very bumpy descent yesterday too, which I didn’t much enjoy, applause broke out when we landed safely. Before our flight, we’d spent the morning at the Glaciarium, with interesting displays and features on glaciers, as well as a bar with ice sculptures where your drinks come in glasses made of ice.

We also booked a car this morning, for the next three nights, and got some info on places to visit. We’re in the Argentinian Lake District, there are beautiful snow capped mountains across the lake. We’ll do some nice walks in the next few days, but most of our trip has been pretty fast-paced, we don’t think we’ll push ourselves too hard…



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