On an Estancia

Him and me on our faithful steeds

Him and me on our faithful steeds

A munch break!

A munch break!

How hard can I squeeze?

How hard can I squeeze?

imageWe’ve had  a day out on an estancia i.e. a ranch/farm today!



It was an hour from town in a beautiful setting with mountains and lakes.

I had a go at milking a cow.

I let Greg persuade me to do a horse ride with a Gaucho. Luckily my trusty steed  was endowed with a sixth sense and picked up that my favourite speed is slow! We plodded along at our own steady pace, stopping for a munch of luscious Spring grass ( him not me) every now and then. I managed to embark and disembark from the horse graciously!

We saw a sheep being shorn and  a cute lamb.

We then enjoyed a beautiful lunch of barbecued lamb. All fine til I munched on a kidney!


2 thoughts on “On an Estancia

  1. caroline says:

    Were they non-allergenic horses? Cx

    • Val Praud says:

      Unfortunately not! I stupidly thought that dosing up with anti-histamine before the trip would be ok!

      Bizarrely I was ok when I was”on board” the horse but got worse. I had a very bad night wheezing.

      Fortunately they sell ventolin over the counter here. I didn’t have to try very hard to get the pharmacist to understand what was wrong! She came out of the drug cupboard and had almost opened the packet for me to take straightaway.

      Val Sent from my iPad


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