Perito Moreno

Wow! That’s something we’ve been saying a lot on this trip, but the Perito Moreno glacier is something else! We’ve see lots of glaciers before, but not like this. It’s 3 km wide when it gets to the lake, and as tall as a 12 storey building, and moves at 2 metres a day. We viewed it from a boat first, which was impressive, but better still was the “balcones”. The glacier faces the opposite shore of  the lake, and there are several kilometres of walkways zigzagging up and down the slope.

Noises like thunder or gunshots abound as the river of ice grinds down hill, and occasionally a big chunk falls off. We watched one precarious-looking spire at the front on and off through the morning, and when a small piece of ice fell nearby undercutting it,it looked doomed. Sure enough we watched a few minutes later as it tumbled with a roar. It’s difficult to judge scale, but it may well have been the size of a house. I took an absurd number of photos, and got some video clips of the glacier calving.

The weather was good, unlike yesterday. Our bus left Chile in heavy snow, which was settling at the border. There was a road sign saying the Malvinas belong to Argentina at the border, but we had no problems. We’d booked up some accommodation  here in El Calafate the day before, it’s a 10 minute walk to town, but very nice, Annalia has been very helpful arranging trips. a coach ride to our next stop, Bariloche, would have been 32 hours, we’ve managed to book a flight instead. No availability the day we wanted, but we won’t mind having a lazy time in Bariloche ( and it’s famous for producing chocolate…).

Photos to follow.



One thought on “Perito Moreno

  1. David Bassett says:

    Ice-y you’re having a great time! Today is Remembrance Sunday. We walked up to South Street to see the action. There was this really old guy speaking who was probably in WWII (not I). Tell u-know-who that we remembered the Falklands as well.

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