Down South

Last night we stayed at the Holiday Inn at Santiago airport. It’s right outside the terminal. We had a Tom Hanks Terminal sort of experience by having supper in the airport!

Greg had another post check in plan for me today. This one was checking in for our flight, before checking out of the hotel and going back to the hotel for breakfast with our boarding passes.

We’re right down the bottom of the mainland now. It’s REALLY windy 64 kmh. So we decided that a three day cruise might just be a wave too far!!

Last week they had 150kmh wind at the airport and they couldn’t get the covered walk way attached to the plane. So the passengers were stuck on board for 2 hours while they tried! They had to use good old fashioned steps in the end!!

Our plan B for not cruising is going to Tierra del Fuego tomorrow to see a King Penguin colony. We’ve hired a car. There are two options: a 2.5 hour crossing from here or a 2 hour drive for a 20 minute crossing. Guess which one we’re going for.


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