Easter Island

We’re on Easter Island now.

We got here about lunch time yesterday ( Saturday). We explored the one and only town on the Island Hanga Roa and even braved a haircut. I’m quite pleased with mine. No longer shaggy! She was VERY thorough with Greg – he won’t need another cut until next year!

Today we have done 2 half day tours. We’ve seen hatbox shaped dwellings, which weren’t tall enough to stand up in, only squat.

An impressive volcano crater, which was used as an
orchard. Boys had to scramble down the sides to harvest.

We saw 7 maoi/statues. They were bigger than I expected, but smaller than Greg had imagined. They are thought to be (lots of surmising about the history of here!) images of the seven Polynesian explorers who’d come and reckied the place.

We have a day trip tomorrow. I should get a swim in the Pacific depending on the weather it’s very changeable here!


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