Down the mine!

Potosi is the highest city in the world at 4000m. It’s here for just one reason, the Cerro Rico mountain, which is riddled with silver, and funded the Spanish Empire for three centuries. At a cost of about eight million lives…

First stop was the miners market, as you are expected to buy gifts for the miners. You can buy a stick of TNT for £2! But we opted for the 96% proof alcoholic drink and gloves. They then kitted us out in overalls and a miner’s helmet (Val’s bottom was too big for the regular trousers!).

There were some happy and drunk miners bringing a cart of silver ore as we arrived, very heavy stuff, then we disappeared inside the mountain, following the rails. High enough to walk stooping. We were “lucky” to find some miners just finishing drilling holes (deafening) and putting TNT in. we backed off and listened to the several dull thuds of the explosions. Then we waded a little further and saw how they load the ore through chutes in the ceiling, we climbed up through a hole ourselves. Not at all sanitised for the tourists, it was a ver y interesting trip.


One thought on “Down the mine!

  1. David Bassett says:

    Make new friends but keep the old, one is SILVER – the other gold.

    Judas asked: “What are you willing to give me if I deliver Him over to you?”. So they gave him 30 pieces of SILVER.

    Can’t think of anything else!

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