Sucre Triathlon!

Sucre is a beautiful city. We wandered around yesterday and enjoyed the parks and beautiful white buildings.

Greg talked me in to a biking and hiking trip today which peaked at a pretty canyon for a swim. The swim swung it I think, but I was so out of my comfort and capability zone. It was a private tour for us and Wendy and Nigel (couple from Reigate).

After collecting, our gear,lunch and bikes, we headed off in a van up a mountain! We had 18 km of mountain bike, mostly downhill. I only fell off 3 times. One of the guides, a young boy really, rode slowly and picked me up and gave me a hug when I came of the third time!

Unfortunately the hike was along a rocky river bed and the guides had to hold my hand to help me figure out where to put my feet on the boulders.

It was rocky and muddy where we swam and lunched.

I think my bottom will take a few days to get over the saddle!,

Can you spot the swimmer?

Can you spot the swimmer?

On and not off the bike

On and not off the bike

On a break on the bike trip

On a break on the bike trip

Lovely sucre

Lovely sucre


7 thoughts on “Sucre Triathlon!

  1. Antonia says:

    I’m impressed x

  2. Aspin says:

    That will really put your mum at ease!

  3. caroline says:

    Well done!!

  4. David Bassett says:

    Interesting city – former capital and where they signed declaration of independence(1825). Wealth based on silver and not sugar (sucre!).
    Home group last night. I showed the picture of Val preparing to eat a guinea pig!

  5. Eileen Burt says:

    I seem to remember you coming off your bike once before on a gravelly road! Hope your injuries are not too bad but bet you have some colourful bruises. Glad you had a swim, though. Please take care = and definitely NO whitewater rafting!! lots of love. Mum

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