Revenge of the guinea pig

Val woke up with puffy eyes this morning, she looked a bit like a guinea pig! Seems to have worn off now.

Yesterday was another long day of travel, left at 7am, 9 hours travelling. Coach services are good in South America, we get numbered seats, and the journeys just have one break for a meal. We went round Lake Titicaca, crossed the border, changed coaches, took a 5 minute ferry ride, and drove on to La Paz.

We did a walking tour of La Paz this morning, and Val bought an alpaca cardigan. A pleasant city, the most striking thing is iits location in a bowl shape in the mountains, houses going up incredibly steep inclines. It’s nearly 4000 meters high. As in much of Peru, coca tea is part of life here to help with the altitude, it’s free in all the hotels. It’s quite pleasant, but I wasn’t so keen on the coca sweet we were given before our tour this morning, makes your mouth go numb. I haven’t noticed anone chewing coca leaves yet (they chew them for hours) but we probably will when we get

A short flight to Sucre tomorrow, another 6am start. Seeing the world can be quite hard work, a wouldn’t call this a “holiday”. But we’re loving it…


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