Guinea Pig Day


I don,t look very impressed, do I?

I don,t look very impressed, do I?

Today was my last day to order guinea pig as we leave Peru tomorrow for Bolivia.

I had seen some more dramatic presentations of guinea pig. Last night Inge’s  was flat and looked like road kill and in Cusco I had seen one served on it’s back with legs in the air, which was then taken back and sliced for consumption!

The meat was very boney, but white and smooth like chicken but with a taste I can’t really describe  and am still not sure I actually liked. Fingers crossed for my tummy!

We spent the day on Lake Titicaca visiting some island people and seeing how they live and work.

We saw an amazing phenomenon a complete circle of a rainbow around the sun. Inside the circle the sun was a bit greyed out. The locals say the sun is having a bad day.    I kind  of like the idea of the sun having a bad day!

I was able to roll my trousers up and paddle in the lake!

Lunch was cooked underground like the NZ hungi.

Last stop was a floating island. There are about 80 Islands in the shallows made from reeds.  They came about when some locals were fleeing the Spanish. The locals  took to the water in reed boats and then expanded the boats to Islands. They have to keep putting more reeds down.

When the islands get too big they saw them in half.  a bit like cell groups from church!

The highlight of my day was when a boy invited me into his house. I enjoyed talking to him and his sister about school, where they slept, who snored in  my flakey Spanish!


One thought on “Guinea Pig Day

  1. Rachel and Julian says:

    No, you don’t look particularly impressed!
    But then again, who would? You were very brave to try it.
    Did you take its little tinfoil shoes off and eat its feet?

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