Moving on from Cusco to Puno

A 7 hour bus journey today. Or at least it would have been if we hadn’t had a puncture, which added another hour. That wasn’t the first problem of the day either – we’d been ready to leave at 7am, as instructed, but no-one had seen our guide Eli. At 7.05, we got reception to ring his room and they handed me the phone – he was still in bed!! He made it down in 10 mins, and blamed it on not getting his expected wake up call. But Cusco is his home town, he’d been out until very late (3.30 someone reckons they heard him come in), so he’s been getting a lot of teasing from us today. He’s been nagging us to always be prompt for departures, he’s not going to hear the end of this.

Puno isn’t as nice a city Cusco. The first day in Cusco had been horrible, with hail on the ground not melting until the next day, and we all froze, But after that, we had warmth and sunshine, it has a beautiful square and it’s in a stunning setting surrounded by the mountains. Puno has a pleasant square, but not much else,  the point of being here is it’s on Lake Titicaca, we’ll be on the lake tomorrow.

As we hadn’t had lunch, we had an early supper. The German ladies ordered a guinea pig (yep, you get the whole thing an a plate, it had little silver foil “shoes” on it). Most people tried a bit (but not me!). We’ve been told tomorrow’s restaurant is a good place for guinea pig, Val is tempted…



4 thoughts on “Moving on from Cusco to Puno

  1. Nathalie says:

    Go for it Val…. :.)

  2. David Bassett says:

    Guinea pig sounds great.
    News from home – Paul Bryer has been appointed archdeacon of Dorking, starting February. Vicar situation vacant!

  3. David Bassett says:

    I remember Lake Titicaca at school. Always thought it was a bit rude!

  4. Antonia says:

    the kids say – please don’t do it!!!

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