Wonders of the world

It was a bit cloudy when we first got there

It was a bit cloudy when we first got there

Macchu  Pichu is one of the seven wonders of the world!

I reckon that Imodium should be included in the top ten!

From being very poorly on Tuesday night (whoever cleaned the room after me deserved triple time!!!), I wobbled my way onto the train that took us up to Macchu Pichu town and spent Wednesday in bed but was able yesterday to  enjoy the wonders of the site.

There are so many unknowns about this wonderful city, they have worked out when it was abandoned but don’t know why they did.

it was Hiram Bingham who discovered it, well he was shown it by a local 8 year old boy whom he paid 1 sol.

After our 5 hours walking around the site, we had a massage and I came out feeling like I could walk the whole Inca trail! What  a transformation from 36 hours earlier!

Greg  went to Macchu Pichu on Wednesday as well as yesterday, with some others from the group, so he’ll post  more details and photos for Dave. I just wanted to reassure my mummy that I’m  well!


5 thoughts on “Wonders of the world

  1. david bassett says:

    This is probably the place on your tour that I’d most like to visit! We are all very fortunate that the Spanish didn’t get it. Where next? Lake Titicaca?
    What on earth’s Imodium – a metal?

  2. david bassett says:

    Oh. Silly me! It’s for diarrhoea.

  3. Eileen Burt says:

    So glad you managed to get some Immodium. The rest also has obviously done you good. Off you go again and enjoy what’s to come. lots of love.

  4. caroline says:

    Too much information on the toilet front!! glad you are feeling better.
    Macchu Pichu looks amazing. Cx

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