Don’t tell Ruth!

I ate alpaca last night!

It is a very dense white meat with not a whole lot of flavour. Good for you though as it has no cholesterol.

We are getting very close to Machu Pichu now! Train up tomorrow and all day visit on Thursda! Unfortunately neither the weather or my tummy are great. Fingers cross that both improve!

Today we’ve come through the sacred valley a fertile area which provided food for the Andean people. Apparently Inca is a misnomer because the word  Inca actually means king!  We ‘ve visited some Inca sites, terraces that were cultivated.,

we started the day at a G adventures project where Local ladies raise alpacas and llamas, spin and dye wool, and weave. There were lots of babies in papooses for me to ooh and aah over!,

We’ve left our cases (including the Imodium) in Cusco and are travelling light with hand luggage..

Lots of love,




3 thoughts on “Don’t tell Ruth!

  1. Hello you brave travellers! I can’t believe you ate alpaca – is it tastier than won ton I wonder? Praying the tummy settles soon (no connection to llamas I hope) & another day tomorrow for better weather. xx Estelle

  2. Katie says:

    I hope your tummy improves. Thinking of you. Lovely to hear all your adventures!

  3. David Bassett says:

    You must be back from Machu Picchu by now. Look forward to pics.
    Last night wasn’t home group but a meeting in church. A couple called ‘Sze’ gave a talk about God as father. The church wasn’t very full, unfortunately.

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