A bad day?

So much seems to have gone wrong today! Val was in 24K and I was in 7C for the flight, which was very late, even taxied out to the runway then returned to the terminal for a “security” reason. Val went to sleep, woke up and thought we’d arrived, but we hadn’t left! No bus to pick us up In Cusco. Two minibuses eventually procured, just as the thunder and hail started, and our suitcases went on the roof! They were soaked, and some of our clothes were wet. The hail carried on, we couldn’t go for our walk round Cusco, but eventually our guide decided we’ d better go for lunch. Incredibly sloppy and my trousers were soaked, and then the restaurant was closed! Two restaurants later we got some food. The rain let up and we went for our walk. The forecast had been for 33 degrees, I doubt it was within 20 degrees of that, we froze! When we got back, our guide decided to postpone the group dinner until tomorrow as some were wet and cold. But most did need some food as most people only had soup at lunch (not me of course), so he gave us directions to a restaurant. It wasn’t there! We ended up in a very seedy looking place.

But in spite of all that, it hasn’t really been a bad day. The people in our group are nice (from as far away as Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Australia, and as close to home as Reigate), the hotel is good, and Cusco is a nice city. Even dinner turned out to be pretty tasty.



4 thoughts on “A bad day?

  1. David Bassett says:

    Well done for reaching Cuzco – Inca capital? Try visiting a couple of tongue-twisters: Sacsayhuamán: impregnable fortress on a hill overlooking the city, and Qoricancha: the Temple of the Sun.

  2. Eileen Burt says:

    What a day! Can I be Mumsie and hope you can air your damp clothes before they go mouldy – I know you don’t have much time to empty your suitcases.

  3. Katie says:

    How amazing to go so far and meet someone from 5 miles away!

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