It  truly is  amazing here!

We went out for a “quick look” yesterday when we arrived and were out for two hours walking the trails and getting soaked by the spray!

This morning’s “sunrise” walk was disappointing because the falls had completely disappeared in the mist! Hence the unhappy Greg picture!

We’ve been to the Argentinian side today. There’s a walkway to the Devil’s throat where the water tips over the edge. The force of water is amazing! The fact that the breeze was blowing water to the Brazilian side made it a little drier on the Argentinian side, but every now and again we’d be soaked when it drifted our way. The forecast for thunderstorms unfortunately proved correct, but not until nearly lunchtime, we had seen most of the views by then. The rain was torrential, but we’d already got completely soaked when posing for the second picture below.

We bought a load of chocolate in a chocolate shop on the way back, that will probably be dinner tonight, can’t face the restaurant prices again!

Where've  they gone?

Where’ve they gone?


We got a bit wet here!

We got a bit wet here!

I'm in Argentina, Greg's in Brasil

I’m in Argentina, Greg’s in Brasil



Bit drier here!

Bit drier here!


One thought on “Iguacu

  1. David Bassett says:

    Wet wet wet! The other great falls are Niagara and … Victoria Falls in Africa. Home group at Diana’s went well yesterday. I keep wondering who’s missing though!

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