Rotten Apple

I made the mistake of accepting an update from Apple to their operating system on Val`s i-pad. Now everything has gone wrong! The 3 pound gizmo she had bought to allow us to connect our cameras to it is now rejected as not compatible, our Brazil library e-book no longer opens, and the Lonely Planet guides aren`t accessible either.

Now back in Cuiabá city, we asked for directions to a shopping centre, and the first shop we saw was an Apple shop! We had ipad, camera and cables with us, I thought it would be easy to make clear what we needed even without speaking Portugese. But he intimated there was nothing available!! Millions of cable on the wall, but nothing suitable. So I took the card out the camera, and he realised he could sort that – had to buy one gizmo to plug into a second gizmo, into which we could insert the SD card, but at least it works, and Val will try to publish some more pictures. But about 60 pounds instead of 3 pounds, I don`t like Apple…



3 thoughts on “Rotten Apple

  1. David Bassett says:

    At least u have my hard copy ‘South America on a Shoestring’. Or do u?

  2. Eileen Burt says:

    I’m sorry you had such an expensive Apple problem but glad you have it sorted as I am so enjoying being an armchair tourist on your wonderful trip. Lots of love. Mum

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