Dave’s right, Salvador has a very strong African influence. The Portugese  brought slaves from Angola to work on sugar plantations after European diseases had killed off many of the indigenous people.

There is a lot of colour and music here because of the African influence! The houses are all brightly coloured.

There was a lot of squabbling by Europeans over territory here. The Dutch, French, Portugese, Spanish and Brits had a finger in the Salvador pie at some point!! I never knew that the Dutch traded New Amsterdam for Surinam because they thought they would get their hands on all of South America from Surinam. Unfortunately, they hit some bogs that thwarted progress!

There is a lift between higher and lower levels of the city, just like Lisbon.

Michael Jackson filmed a video here.

We enjoyed a complimentary cocktail, Caprihina!

They serve enormous breakfasts in your room, if you wish!


inserting photos driving me ad… Will try again later. For now photo free text!!


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  1. David Bassett says:

    Strangely you can view photos using Next/Previous buttons.

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