Greg 1 Val 0 !!!!

We’ve made it to Salvador…. But our luggage didn’t arrive with us!

Greg was sensible enough to put clean clothes in his hand luggage, but I did this mornings tour in yesterday’s clothes! Don’t scratch and sniff any photos!

Our connection in Brasilia was only ever going to be an hour and we were half an hour late leaving Manaus! We had to leg it through the terminal and arrived at the gate with them late-calling us and get on a plane already boarded. There was a naughty step feel to it! Just 4 minutes from leaving one plane to getting on the next.

The luggage arrived ok this morning!

They really know how to party here! EVERY Tuesday is party night! They had live music and dancing in the local square last night. We had nothing to unpack, so we went to listen, and ended up having dinner in the square at 11pm.


5 thoughts on “Greg 1 Val 0 !!!!

  1. David Bassett says:

    Glad u made it OK. Don’t forget to see Pelourinho, the old town. Sadly, though, all the wealth came from five million slaves. Oh well.

  2. David Bassett says:

    Just looked up Pantanal which looks really exciting – tons of wildlife.

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