Swimming in tea

I know the picture looks like I’m paddling but I really swam. The river negro is coloured by tannins so it was like swimming in a cup of tea! It was warm too, a 10 minute old cup of tea!image

It was quite a long trip to the merging/un merging rivers. But impressive to see. We both first came across the phenomenon on Blue Peter in the 70s ( ahhh!)image
Looks like caramel and chocolate sauce streaming side by side.

We had a fruitless night trip looking for caymans. They were all hiding from us.There was a little one waiting when we got backimage

Polly joined us for breakfast!image

They have a unique toilet seat experience here. They are inflatable akin to whoopee cushions, leaving you wondering whence came the noise!


8 thoughts on “Swimming in tea

  1. David Bassett says:

    I’m glad you saw the meeting of the waters. These crocs and piranhas seem a bit feeble. Maybe the anacondas are more deadly!

  2. Caroline says:

    It doesn’t look that inviting to me – I wouldn’t swim there!!

  3. Eileen Burt says:

    Glad you managed a swim. Did you come out looking more tanned?

  4. Rachel and Julian says:

    Brings back memories…Have you been piranha fishing yet? maybe there were piranhas swimming with you, or is it not their cup of tea?! (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  5. Sue chester says:

    Looks as though you guys are having an amazing time – and only a few days into your trip! Amazing sights and wildlife! Really impressed with being able to follow the Seagulls in the jungle – and even more impressed by Val remembering Blue Peter in the 70s (now that she is a certain age!!!) Will look forward to following your next steps – take care and have fun!

  6. Rachel and Julian says:

    Just read your next post that already answers both of my questions. Spooky!

  7. James says:

    Great blog

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