We’re enjoying our stay in the jungle. Nice room, good aircon (which is essential!), and tasty food. Just found out there’s wifi too (good to see that Brighton beat Bolton)!

We’ve had a couple of busy days, but they don’t have much more for us today, Val’s down on the nice sandy beach. She’s just been for a swim (apparently piranhas aren’t as bloodthirsty as they say).

We’re half an hour up river from Manaus. Our first trip was just across the river to Monkey Island. They’ve released illegally traded monkeys there, but some of them can’t fend that well for themselves and turn up to be fed when humans arrive. Then had a trip to a local’s home – not very interesting to be honest. On the way back, we stopped off for my first ever go at fishing. We caught nothing, but our guide bagged a couple of piranhas. Val will tell you a little more later.


Greg was disappointed that some Indian ladies had handbags and flip flops when he’s all dressed up for the Amazon jungle !!


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