Moving on from Rio

We had a nice dinner last night. We were surprised to be handed two plastic cards when we walked in, took a couple of waiters to club together a little English and explain it was a buffet where your food is literally weighed, and that is what the cards were for. Very nice food too, and reasonably priced.

It was sunnier this morning, but with quite a haze.  Cristo Redentor appeared briefly up in the hills before being swallowed up again in the clouds. We had a little wander on Leblon beach.

Heidi, our South African born travel agent was spot on time. I had a minor panic when I couldnt find my wallet, but it turned up OK. This ¨bespoke touring¨is pretty helpful, Heidi even checked us in with our cases before leaving us.

Brazil is a big place, the flight to Manaus took four hours. You dont feel like you are in the middle of the jungle, its a big city that will be hosting some world cup matches next year. But tomorrow we go upstream by boat for 3 days at Amazon Eco Jungle Lodge, there we will get a real jungle experience.

We are at the Tropical Manaus hotel tonight, on the banks of the Rio Negro (can only just see the other side of the river!). Had a dip in the pool (its big, it has its own wave machine), and then a buffet. Unlike last night, it was expensive, and you could have as much as you liked, so I stuffed my face. Still, I hadnt eaten since breakfast, what with being on a plane.

No internet access for the next three nights, and then a very late arrival at our next destination (Salvador), so maybe no posts for a while.

P.S. Apologies for the lack of apostrophes, I cant find them on this keyboard…


3 thoughts on “Moving on from Rio

  1. David Bassett says:

    I had to look Salvador up as I’d never heard of it. There are lots of outdoor parties! Also a UNESCO world heritage site.
    Watch out for piranhas, anacondas and crocs.

  2. David Bassett says:

    Back to Manaus, the ‘Meeting of the Waters sounds good.

  3. Rachel and Julian says:

    And look out for pink dolphins in the area. We look forward to hearing about your jungle experience.

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